Collars and chokers for different moments

Our collection of leather chokers knows how to grace your neck with seduction. We love versatility and want you to make a divine impression inside and outside the bedroom. Wear the bondage collar ladies during the day as a fashion accessory in combination with your clothes. But when night falls, you can wear the leather choker stylishly during an erotic night out or hot night in the bedroom. Take your lover by the hand or better said by the chain and step together into the mysterious world of bondage inside.

Buy collars and chokers online and discreetly

Discover our leather collars for women and immerse yourself in your submissive role in an elegant way. Are you going for a leather choker with a tough o-ring in the middle or do you choose a leather collar with rhinestones that makes you shine in a submissive way? Our collection of leather collars are a feast for the eyes and made of the best materials. Elegant, luxurious and with an eye for detail, that's what VoyeurX stands for. Clip a chain to the leather choker and take your erotic game to the next level. Let yourself be led and surrender to new heights of pleasure together with your lover during an exciting evening in the bedroom or at a kinky party.